Friday, 24 February 2017

Garmin Nuvi Update 1-866-203-4364

There are a variety of different updates available for Garmin Nuvi devices, the most popular of which being the map update.  When a Nuvi is manufactured it will as standard have a copy of City Navigator software pre-installed on it.  The version that is installed depends on the region or country that the Nuvi will be sold in, so, for example, customers based in the United States will have City Navigator NT for North America, whilst European customers will have City Navigator for Europe.

However, over time customers will need to update their Nuvi maps because the maps are only as current as the time they were created.  As an example, say a new highway is built, or business changes address then that will make your Garmin Nuvi maps out of date.
This is why Garmin offer a map update service with a selection of different options to suit all budgets and needs.  The way this works is as follows:
If your maps are no longer current then you will have to download Garmin Nuvi updates to overwrite your existing software install of City Navigator.  There are three types of Nuvi map update including:
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